Corsair K95 RGB keyboard lights up but cannot type or keys do nothing (p/n ch-90002227)

3-4 days ago by godson sent me a message that his Corsair keyboard, the fancy K95 RGB, isn’t working the way it was supposed to work. (scroll to the bottom if you only want the solution and not the waffle)

When I asked him what he meant, he responded that the key lights are lighting up, but the keyboard itself isn’t typing or the keys aren’t working. I figured it was either a firmware update that went wrong or the unit has a mechanical fault and has to go back to the supplier.

Unfortunately for my godson, they warranty expired (when he got it, he paid 3k ZAR for it) and to top it off the suppliers are closed until the end of the current COVID19 21-days lockdown.


HowTo Reset an email account password from the command line in cPanel

Sometimes, you don’t have access to a GUI but you got yer grubby little paws on a terminal. I’ve had several of these occasions and have had to reset email passwords for clients.

How do we do this? Pretty easy, guys:

First, let’s set the scene:

The domain is :
Cpanel username is : zz9usr
Email account is :


HowTo export Exchange 2010 mailbox to a PST file format

There are several occasions in which an administrator would want to export Exchange 2010 mailbox to PST. The most common ones include to migrate on-premise mailboxes to Exchange online and to extract a single or a few mailboxes from the database. Though rare, another situation that demands such an export is to salvage data from a damaged or corrupted Exchange 2010 database file (EDB).

You’d have to agree that all those are pretty good reasons to support the conversion of EDB data to PST format. Now that that’s established, how about moving on to the technique to do it? Well, that’s the interesting part; we’re letting you know a neat method to use PowerShell commands and achieve the said export. But if you’re in the mood for some automation, we also have a suggestion up our sleeve that’ll surely impress you. So hang on tight and let the fun begin!


HowTo Scanners on Linux(Raspberry Pi) – Project SANE

It turns out, even old scanners has a function in the modern era, thanks to our brothers and sisters at the SANE project.

For printers, you have CUPS and for scanners you have SANE

They pretty much saves the day if you don’t want to have a dedicated Windows PC just for scanning or printing every once in a while. As the world shifts to the full digital age, it’s less and less common to perform these tasks.

But as we all know; when you need the old hardware to work, you need it badly. Printers are not famous for being very trustworthy or stable. Because after all, the manufacturers make money on the ink and not on good hardware. It’s a perfect study-case for a tiny Raspberry Pi, as these tasks don’t require much horsepower.


Raspberry Pi File Manager keeps crashing

Recently I had a case where Raspbian’s default file manager(pcmanfm) kept on crashing.

The user would click on the icon, the application would open and then immediately close or crash. If the application was executed from terminal, the same results were met.

I had a look at the logs and noticed that pcmanfm kept on throwing out a “Segmentation fault

A quick fix for this issue is to reinstall the pcmanfm:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall pcmanfm