I was approached a couple of weeks back by a friend who asked me why I don’t blog any more. The lady was quite upset. This irritated me so I’m going to explain this once and for all to all of you fuckers. In case you were wondering, the people sending me emails complaining about the content on the site, this applies to you too.

I do not blog. I do not call myself a blogger. A blogger is someone who actually blogs. I would go as far as saying that a blogger contributes something valuable via their blog to the/a community. A blogger is someone who blogs REGULARLY. This means that you cannot be a blogger if you, like me, add content when you feel like it. A blogger cares about your input. A blogger takes facts or fiction, adding a little of their own unique twist to it and then presenting it in digital form.

This is not what I do. I do not blog. I do not care what your views are. I do not post regularly. I take my thoughts and put it into a digital form. My thoughts are mostly uneducated guesses bathed in wild speculation sautéed in a thick, weed soup. If my posts are offensive to you, your race, your religion or your mother, you are more than welcome to close the page and fume as much as you want. Stop sending me your complaint emails. As much as I appreciate the fact that you’re reading my thoughts, I honestly do not care what your thoughts/views/dreams are.

So, in short; shut the fuck up, dickwads.