Total Irritation Vortex

Man oh man, I had one insane day.

It started something like this:

I over slept, late for my first meeting. On the way to the first meeting, I tried my best to rush. Unfortunately for my brand new shirt, Karma had a surprise in store for me.

On the way to the meeting, at the client, I squeeze past one of the cleaners. My shirt gets stuck on the ol’ wire that’s hanging there and all the buttons got ripped off. I exhale slowly, count to twenty and try my best to stay calm.

I walk over to the MD’s secretary and ask for her stapler. I staple my shirt and proceed to the meeting.

Meeting done, still a bit agitated I get into my car. On the way to the client, I stopped at a fuel station and bought a coke, a snickers and a packet of Tac biscuits. I haven’t had Tac biscuits for a while so I start crushing the packet. I prefer to crush the contents of the packet and then tear open a small hole where I then “eat and enjoy”. Once again, Karma had a different set-up configured.

I crush the packet, tear the edge and everything spills out into my lap. The son of a starbeast packet that I tore was the exact same spot where you tear to open up the side of the packet. I, unfortunately, didn’t know this. I exhale really slowly and count to 40.

I get out of the car, brush all the crumbs(and my breakfast) off my lap and get back into the car.

I get to the next client, the UPS guys are installing a new 8kva UPS for the client. They connect the UPS wrong and blow the DB. Don’t ask me how, I don’t care but they fucked it up. The electrician comes out, fixed the DB and the UPS guys get a new UPS. The new server installation is moved to next week. Great, just what I wanted.

I enter the Total Irritation Vortex.

I get in the car and leave. I go home, I do not go to jail, I do not collect $200. I feel like killing Mr Custard in the Billiard Room with the Candle Stick.