Should I moan about their performance ?

Is it worth getting upset if they do this every fucking time?

So, here’s a little fuck you from me, Proteas:

Enough Said ?

D0TM – The Educational System


Did I laugh when I heard this in the news. . .
The president of our country was extremely impressed for the pass rate of our Matriculates for 2010.

Did this chum forget that our educational standards have dropped when they changed the syllabus for the public schools? Have you seen the curriculum for the public schools?

The standard is so low that monkeys with no reading experience would be able to pass.

So, congratulate matriculates who passed? Hardly.

Don’t get me wrong; give credit where credit is due. But do you congratulate your pet when she/he poops or eats?

Which means we have a new DOOs of the Moment – Our Educational System.